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Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

(Car/Truck/Boat/Motorcycle Accidents; Slip and Fall; Dog Bites; Medical Malpractice; Defective Products, Etc.)

Evaluation and Recovery

There are a myriad of ways someone or someone’s loved one can be injured or killed through the negligence of others. Sometimes, it is not easily apparent how an injury occurred and who, if anyone, is responsible. In many personal injury cases, more than one person or company may be at fault. In a car accident, the other driver may be at fault, but so too may be construction companies working in a construction zone, and cities and municipalities responsible for defective road design or traffic control devices (particularly in areas that have experienced many accidents). If the other driver was intoxicated, bars or restaurants may be liable if they over-served the driver when they knew or should have known he was already intoxicated.

As an attorney practicing law for more than 30 years in Jacksonville, I can help clients evaluate their claims and obtain compensation for their injuries and damages. In many instances, it is advisable for my firm to associate with another law firm specializing in the specific type of negligent behavior or defects that caused the injuries. An advantage for the client to such an association is they obtain the resources and expertise of two experienced law firms without incurring any additional attorney fees.

If You Have Been Injured, Please Call Our Firm

It is important you speak with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident or injury to learn your rights.  It is critical not to discuss any aspects of your accident with insurance claims adjusters, attorneys, investigators, or others who may be acting on behalf of the persons or entities that caused your injuries or the injuries or death of a loved one. Often, these seemingly friendly persons call immediately after an accident or injury to get your version of what happened, but they are also trying to get you to admit liability. As your attorney, at the outset of representation, I will advise you to refer all inquiries by these persons to my office, whereupon, they will be instructed not to contact you unless I consent or am present.

No Fees Unless You Win

I offer a free consultation for all personal injury cases, and there is no attorney fee, costs or expenses owed to me or my firm unless you recover compensation. 

Please call me to learn more about our Jacksonville personal injury representation. 

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