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What is a Living Will?

A Living Will is a common name for a type of advance directive used to express a person’s wishes concerning healthcare treatment prolonging their life when they are no longer able to communicate such wishes.  Living Wills provide instruction on the providing or withdrawing of medical care when one is faced with a terminal end-stage illness and/or has no significant brain function and death is imminent.   Living Wills can have custom language inserted to provide certain family and religious instructions.  Living Wills provide for the appointment of a surrogate to communicate with health care providers.

As a Jacksonville  estate planning lawyer, I prepare healthcare directives for clients so that if they become incapacitated and cannot act on their own, then, their loved ones and treating healthcare professionals will be required to act in accordance with their wishes concerning end-of-life medical treatment.

If You Do Not Have a Florida Living Will, Call Me.

I will be happy to meet with you and prepare a healthcare directive custom-tailored for you.  

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